Entertainment Law

Entertainment law generally encompasses industries involving motion pictures, television, music, publishing, and theatre. These industries have special economic and business considerations that involve nearly every area of law including copyright, trademark, trade secret, rights of privacy and publicity, securities, tax, tort, corporate law, labor law, constitutional law, international law, and so forth. The law of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and patents each play a role in protecting creative rights.

The entertainment industry comprises the music, film, television, radio, theatre, multimedia, publishing, visual arts and design fields.  Each field has its own distinct trade unions, practices, statutes and case law.  The entertainment law encompasses many legal areas related to the entertainment field.

In entertainment law, many traditional legal topics arise, including intellectual property, production and distribution agreements, licensing rights, employment contracts, trademark, copyright, defamation, privacy rights, labor, pornography, and First Amendment rights.  Lawsuits in this field often involve creators, producers, actors, and consumers.
Helfand & Helfand is a full service boutique law firm with over 30 years of experience featuring a team of talented litigators and transactional attorneys.  Helfand & Helfand operates in the most complex and competitive areas of law including all aspects of entertainment law.
Associate attorney Diane Bradshaw (dbradshaw@helfandlaw.com; 9177838125) is spearheading an aggressive campaign to enhance and expand the firm’s entertainment law division with management and production components.  Diane has brought in clients from her deep ties to the entertainment industry.  She has a corporate and legal project management background and is involved in financing and development as part of the production teams of several film and theatre projects.  She has produced and edited short films and appeared widely in film, television, theatre, and concert.

Helfand & Helfand takes an all-encompassing approach in addressing the business, contract, development, management, production, intellectual property, legal affairs, and accounting aspects of its clients’ careers and projects.

Helfand & Helfand has its offices in the landmark Empire State Building, offering a commanding eastern view of New York City that provides an exhilarating venue for meetings, presentations, and readings.


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Past and current Entertainment Division Clients include:


Nora Johnson, Author

Feature Film Development, Edwin, the Actor King


Stephen Tanner, Actor and Producer
Feature Film Development, They All Drank the Water

Beth Newbery
Actor and Director


Eren T. Gibson
Actor and Producer

Stupid By Choice LLC.
Music Video Promotion

Albert Bramante
Emerging Talent, LLC.

Amanda Greer
Actress and Producer

Hayride Films, LLC.

Shaved Head Media, Inc.